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Doing Business with Nation Hospital

At Nation Hospital, we value strategic partnerships and we look forward to work closely with stakeholders who share the same goals with us. Some key aspects we seek in our potential partners are:

  • Commitment and excellence in service offering
  • Good understanding of our industry and business
  • Proven track record in the business

Partners who believe that they have a solid understanding of the health care industry and operations are encouraged to register with us by filling the “Vendor Registration Form.”

The completed Registration Form with other required attachments should be forwarded to  supplychain@thenationhospital.com. The registration process may take up to 30 days.

The decision of accepting the Registration Form from suppliers, is at the sole discretion of Nation Hospital. Nation Hospital reserves the right to reject the registration without providing any reasons.

Our Supply Chain team is responsible for attending your enquiries and determining the terms and implementation of contracts. We primarily operate in following categories:

  1. Medical & Surgical Consumables
  2. Pharmaceutical Products
  3. Laboratory Reagents
  4. Stationery & Printing Materials
  5. Housekeeping and cleaning materials & chemicals
  6. Engineering & Maintenance related products